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Video to iPad Converter for Mac: Convert videos like WMV, AVI, MKV, and more to iPad
2010-04-10 23:05:37

Apple’s newly released iPad is a tablet for work and play, running an OS similar to the current iPhone operation system and powered by a customer-designed Apple 1-GHz processor. iPad’s big, beautiful, Multi-Touch LED screen gives iPad users unparalleled experience in surfing on web, watching videos, reading eBooks or playing cool games.

"9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen display, 1024-by-768-piexl resolution", new iPad’s HD feature makes watching videos an utterly new experience. Have some awesome videos, say fun videos downloaded from websites like YouTube, stored on your Mac’s hard disc and can’t wait to put them on your iPad?


This professional iPad Video Converter for Mac provide optimized presets for your iPad, so you don’t need to worry about the output settings for your Apple iPad. Let this Video t iPad Converter handle it, taking full advantage of your iPad’s great HD feature. You can enjoy HD videos on your iPad’s big screen.

Download it for free here:

Convert AVI, YouTube, WMV, etc. videos to iPad format on Mac OS X

1Add videos to iPad Video Converter

Drag any video like AVI, YouTube, WMV, etc. videos to the iPad Video Converter for Mac.

Add files

2Select iPad preset from format list

From output format list, choose iPad Video MP4 as output format and the resulting movie will look quite nice on iPad's big screen.

Select iPad as format

3Hit convert to start video to iPad format conversion on OS X.

Bingo! That’s it! When the conversion is done you can upload the output videos to your iPad and enjoy it anytime you want! This professional iPad Video Converter for Mac is specially design for Apple iPad, aiming to enable iPad users an exquisite experience of viewing HD videos on their iPad’s widescreen.

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