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How to burn MPEG/MPG/AVI/MP4/3GP/FLV/MOD/MTS/M2TS/M2T videos to DVD for Mac OS X
2011-08-22 21:13:04

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use DVD Creator for Mac to convert all sorts of movies to DVD on Mac OS X. Whether you want to convert AVI to DVD, convert MP4 to DVD, MKV to DVD, convert MPG to DVD, convert MOV to DVD, convert 3GP to DVD, convert FLV to DVD, convert VOB to DVD, convert DAT to DVD, convert TS to DVD, convert TP to DVD, convert TRP to DVD, Convert M2TS to DVD, it’ve got you covered.

Only for Max OS, for Wondows OS click here.

Step 1: Download and Run DVD Creator for Mac

Click here to download this dvd creator for mac (there is only intel version), run this program, you’ll see its interface:

M2TS to DVD Creator for Mac

Step 2: Add Video files.

Click the Add button to add video files to the program.

Note: you can also add files from the program menu: Click File and then select Add Video.

The added video files will be listed on the right of the main interface, and each file will be a title in your DVD. Double click the added file and it will be played in the right Preview Pane. Use the player control panel to control the preview.
You can adjust the selected file’s position in the list by clicking the Up and Down arrows and delete the selected file by clicking dvd-creator-mac-tutorial_clip_image0022.jpg or just pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

Step 3: Edit Video Files

You can trim and crop the video files and adjust the effects before burning the videos to DVD on Mac OS X.

1. Trim files

This program allows you to trim a clip from your video and burn it to DVD.
You just need to drag the two sliders ( 2.jpg and  set end time of the part) on the process bar to set the beginning and the end of the part which you want to capture when the video is playing. And the trimmed length will be displayed under the file name on the right file list.

2. Cropping Files

Select a file and click crop button, and then you will get the following cropping window.
edit flv
You can specify an area either by dragging the frame around the video or setting the crop values: Top, Button, Left and Right. On the crop pane, you can select an output aspect ratio and the available options are: Keep Original, full screen, 16:9 and 4:3. You can preview the video in the select aspect ratio on the main interface and during the conversion process.
After you select an output aspect ratio and finish the settings, the result can be previewed before you start burning. You can click the Reset button to remove all the settings.

3. Adjusting Effect

Click Effect to get the following window to adjust the video’s effect.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the video.

You can choose special effect from the Filter drop-down list. There are six special effects: Grey, Emboss, Negative, Black White, White Black and Old Film.

If there are some lines, pixels, mosaics or stripes on the picture, you can choose the suitable option from the interlace drop-down list to adjust the picture. The available options are: Repeat Odd, Repeat Even, Odd Interpolate and Even Interpolate.

Step 4: Edit DVD Menu

This video to dvd creator for mac allows you to create your own DVD menu with various built-in resources. Click the Menu button on the bottom right of the main interface to edit the DVD’s menu.
mac FLV to dvd creator
The added files are the titles displayed on the menu. The first frames of each video will be set as the thumbnails of the titles as default.

You can choose a pre-set template from the right list. Just double click on one of the templates and the selected one will be applied in the left Preview Pane. If the template which you have selected does not have enough frames for the titles in your project, there will be more than one page. For example, if you have six titles in your project but the template which you have selected has only two frames, there will be three pages with two titles on each one. You can click dvd-creator-mac-tutorial_clip_image014.jpg to go to the next page and click dvd-creator-mac-tutorial_clip_image016.jpg to go to the previous page.

You can also customize your DVD menu by:

  • Customizing Thumbnail
    You can choose a picture from your hard disk as the thumbnail image of a title. Click on a title and click the Customize Thumbnail button to find a picture from your hard disk as the thumbnail of the title.

  • Customizing Background Image
    Click the Customize Background button and choose a picture from your hard disk as the background image of the current page.
  • Adding Background Music
    Click the Customize Sound button to add an audio file from your hard disk as the background music of the current page. You can click the Remove Music button to remove the added audio file.

You can also customize the frames and buttons by clicking the Frame and Button on the top right of the interface and applying the templates.

You can even add a text on each page. Click Text and you will see the Text Editing Window appearing on the right. Then you can type some words in the Text Content Field, set the font, color, size of the input text and apply text effects including Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough. The text can be dragged to any place on the page.

add text to dvd menu

Step 5: Previewing the Project

After finishing all the editing, you can click the Preview button on the main interface to preview your DVD project.

dvd menu preview

Step 6: Burning Video Files

Before burning your DVD, you can select your DVD type and the output quality at the bottom of the main interface. When you choose different formats or qualities the recoding time of the DVD is different. The table below shows the recoding time in different situations.

how to convert m2ts to dvd

After you choose the correct DVD disk and the suitable video quality, you can click the Burn button to set burning settings and burn your DVD project.


There are three output options: DVD, DVD Folder and ISO File. No matter which option you select, the following settings don’t change:

DVD Label: Give your DVD a name in this field.
Temp Folder: Select a folder on your hard disk to store the temporary files generated during the DVD conversion.
We strongly recommend that you create a new folder as the temp folder on the disk which has enough free space.
TV Standard: Select the TV Standard you want to use to create your DVD files. You should check what TV standard the country in which you are uses before the selection.
NTSC (60i) (the video standard used in Japan, North America, etc. The resolution is 720×480 and the frame rate is 29.97)
PAL (50i) (the video standard used in countries or regions in Europe. The resolution is 720×576 and the frame rate is 25)
Aspect Ratio: Select an aspect ratio for the output DVD video.

If you want to burn your project directly to a DVD disk, you can select the DVD option.

  • Drive: Select the DVD ROM where your blank DVD disk is inserted.

If you just want to generate DVD files and save them on your computer, you can select the DVD Folder option and set DVD Folder options:

  • DVD Folder: Select a folder on your hard disc to save the create DVD files to be created. The files will be saved in two folders: VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. And usually the AUDIO_TS folder is empty. You can find the required disk space and available space under the DVD Folder option. If there is not enough available space on the hard disk, you have to set your DVD Folder to a different hard disk.


If you want to generate a DVD ISO file on your computer, you can select the ISO option and then set the ISO settings:

  • Save ISO File: Specify a folder on your hard disc to save the create DVD ISO file.
    You can find the required disk space and available space under the DVD Folder option.

After you finish all necessary settings, click the Start button to start creating your DVD. Now, you can just wait until the program finishes converting or burning your DVD.

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