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Top200 Streaming Video Sites
2009-08-08 21:04:25
Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder is a wide-range streaming video downloader. This streaming Video Recorder can download and record all popular streaming videos, online TV shows, online movies, live sport games and other live reports. Then you can save these streaming videos into MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPG for your iPhone, iPod, ect. Our latest upgrade supports RTMP protocol, sites as Yahoo!TV, Y!Music, etc. We have collect TOP 200 Streaming Video Sites worldwide and test with our Streaming Video Recorder. The test result shows on below test report.

Test Report on Streaming Video Sites

Update on 2009-7-10

Site Name Format Protocol PR Test Result
CNN.com flv http 10
PBS flv http 9
AdobeTV flv rtmp 9
YouTube flv http 9
ABC Video flv http 8
Y!Music flv rtmp 8
Yahoo!TV flv rtmp 8
video.on.nytimes.com flv rtmp 8
American Idol Video flv http 8
BBC UK TV Video flv/rm http/rtsp 8
Collegehumor Video flv http 8
CNN.com Video flv http 8
dr.dk Video asf mms 8
elmundo.es Video flv http 8
ESPN Video flv http 8
FOX Video avi http 8
Gamespot Video flv http 8
Google Video flv/asf/avi http/mms 8
Jumptv wmv/flv http 8
latimes.com Video flv http 8
Military.com flv http 8
mp3.com flv http 8
msnbc flv http 8
MySpace Video flv http 8
MyVideo flv http 8
NPS - National Park Service flv http 8
rediff.com flv http 8
Rhapsody Video mp3/rm rtsp /http 8
Sapo Video flv http 8
TechRepublic Video flv http 8
ZDF.de Video flv http 8
BR-online Video flv/wma http/mms 8
56.com Video flv http 7
Blinkx Video flv http 7
cbc.ca Video flv rtmp 7
blogtv flv rtmp 7
Cinemanow Video wmv mms 7
Comcast.net Video flv http 7
discovery.com Video flv http 7
disney Video flv http 7
elpais.com Video flv http 7
fabchannel Video flv http 7
Formula1 flv http 7
foxnews Video flv http 7
France Televisions wmv mms 7
Game Vdeos flv http 7
gametrailers.com flv http 7
globo.com mp4 http 7
homestarrunner.com flv http 7
io9 Video flv http 7
Ku6.com MP4 http 7
Learner.org wmv mms 7
lynda.com mov http 7
Metacafe Video flv http 7
MLB.com flv http 7
nascar.com flv http 7
NBA Video wmv http/mms 7
nbcolympics.com wmv http/mms 7
NFL Video flv http 7
NICK Video flv http 7
NIKE Video flv http 7
NRK Video wmv mms 7
oprah.com mp4 http 7
Real Player Video rm rtsp 7
rekza Video asf/Flv mms/http 7
SIC Video flv http 7
sify.com wmv mms 7
Sky Sports Video flv http 7
spike.com Video flv http 7
spinner Video flv/WMV/MP3 http/mms 7
TBS Video wmv mms 7
TF1.fr Video wmv/mp4/FLV mms/http 7
TMZ Video flv http 7
TuDou Video flv http 7
Sina Video flv http 7
VideoJug flv http 7
vimeo Video flv http 7
Vkontake Video flv http 7
Youku Video flv http 7
ZDNet Video flv http 7
Biggboss Video mp3/flv/wmv http/mms 7
Channel One Video flv rtmp 6
nico ichiba Video flv http 6
24SATA Video flv/f4v http 6
6rbtop Video rm http 6
About.com Video flv http 6
areena Video wma/wmv mms 6
Artistdirect Video flv/mp3 http/rtmp 6
Clarin Video flv http 6
clip.vn Video flv/mp4 http 6
diynetwork Video flv http 6
ebaums world Video flv/mp3 http 6
Ellen Degeneres Show flv http 6
expert village flv http 6
France 24 asf mms 6
france3.fr mp4 http 6
freedocumentaries.org flv http 6
Ghana Video flv http 6
IBNLive Video flv http 7
itv Local Video asf mms 6
jibjab Video flv http 6
Keepvid Video flv http 6
Live Leak Video flv http 6
lonelyplanet.tv flv/wmv http/mms 6
Mania TV mp4/flv http 6
Milliyet Internet TV flv http 6
MLSnet.com wmv mms 6
moneycontrol.com flv http 6
Movie-List flv http 6
Netlog flv http 6
Playlist.com flv http 6
PureVideo flv http 6
rajshri.com flv http 6
Ru Tube Video flv http 6
Sims on Stage Video flv http 6
Sina English flv http 6
sportbox.ru WMV mms 6
sportsnet.ca flv http 6
StumbleUpon Video flv http 6
tetesaclaques.tv flv http 6
tu.tv Video flv http 6
video.about.com flv http 6
VOL Mains flv http 6
WAT TV MP4/FLV http 6
webindia123.com flv http 6
wideo Video MP4 http 6
Video Mail flv http 6
Allocine Video flv http 6
CBN Video asf mms 6
123video.nl flv http 5
2flashgames flv/SWF http 5
azfamily Video flv http 5
BabyTV asf mms 5
Clevver Video flv/wmv http/mms 5
dizzler Video mp3 http 5
e-televizor Video asf mms 5
eTV Video flv http 5
footytube Video flv http 5
HisKiDS.net mp3 http 5
Hotmath Video flv http 5
howstuffworks Video flv http 5
mynet eksenim flv http 5
quicksilverscreen Video flv http 5
rediff iShare Video flv http 5
Yoga Today flv http 5
Allsp Video flv http 4
Crunchyroll Video flv/mp4 http 3

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